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Support Prager University against go(ogle)liath

“On Monday, the law firm of Browne George Ross LLP, attorneys for PragerU, officially filed an appeal of its lawsuit against Google Inc. and its subsidiary YouTube, LLC. with the Ninth Circuit Court. With the filing, PragerU appeals a March 28, 2018 Federal Court ruling by Judge Lucy H. Koh and is instead taking its case directly to the Ninth Circuit Court.” click here and here

Mr. James Comey memos reveal the CNN smoking gun?

“Memos written by former FBI director James Comey reveal that CNN may have helped orchestrate a possible setup of then-president-elect Donald Trump.” click here

Did polar bears eat a New York paper’s homework?

It’s easy to take one published paper and promote it as the entire story in any particular science discipline. It does not require any effort, no homework and no thoughtful consideration of differing perspectives.

But due diligence (acting with a certain standard of care), doing one’s homework and thoughtful consideration to valid points of view are important to any enterprise. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to win a spat with someone (I suspect we’ve all done it at least once in our lives) or blindly advocate a political position.

Mud slinging to attack and discredit a particular scientist (as reported here for example) and lawsuits filed by one scientist against another because of valid scientific disagreements gets all of us nowhere with regard to addressing real-world environmental problems. It is simply counterproductive.

Google, Twitter, Facebook climate censorship is real

“Censorship can be performed only by a government.  But, the Obama administration has granted status akin to a government branch to GFTM+RW (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Reddit, and Wikimedia Foundation) and a few other corporations. The means for that included subjecting citizen internet access to Title II restrictions (Obamanet), so that their actions to suppress scientific and political speech result in censorship.  As mentioned in the Reply to The New York Times I experimented with distributing the climate realism message using advertising options on GFTM+R. The short report on this follows.” click here