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Harrassment of Christians Continues in Oregon

It is simply harassment to use law to compel the Kleins to violate their conscience and convictions on a moral issue. Indeed, no one has been harmed or restricted by the Kleins acting in the manner that they have. These people are free to go anywhere to purchase a cake. 

“…the fascist state of Oregon  is ramping up its persecution campaign against Christian bakers who declined to bake a wedding cake for a same sex lesbian couple. Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, have been told that if they don’t pay the $135,000 awarded to the lesbian couple who sued them, a lien will be placed against their home next week.” click here for full article.

Another bakery owned by a Christian targeted by militant homosexuals

“The owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa tell KATU-TV that their religious beliefs have not changed after Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries determined the Portland-area bakery violated the civil rights of a same-sex couple. Owner Aaron Klein says it almost seems as if the state is hostile toward Christian businesses.” click here

Portland, Oregon man urinates into Mt. Tabor reservoir

Yes, the hazards of open treated water reservoirs.

“A Portland, Oregon man urinated in a Mt. Tabor reservoir Wednesday causing the city to take it’s critical water supply off line and dump millions in gallons of water.”

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Fluoride lobbyists sway Portland (OR) city council decision….

“The lobbyists did, in fact, meet with all five council members in July or  August, they have said, but only one of those initial meetings appears on public  calendars and only then under a vague heading, according to local Oregon  media.”

“If there was other contact, that could cast a pall over the entire  council because such meetings would appear to violate the city’s lobbying and  reporting requirements.”

Click here for more…..

Portland (OR) vote reveals how pro-fluoride liberal mob works….

The outcome of the Portland (OR) vote is not a surprise. click here. The idea that “science” is on the side of fluoridation is silly…..very much like the idea that science is on the side of catestrophic global warming. This is simply not true.

Democrat politicians (and supporters) use drinking water as a wedge to push the liberal/progressive big government agenda……a liberal mob…..to shut down others who disagree.  Fluoride in Portland is a classic example…..will the citizens of Portland spit out fluoride addition? I would….We’ve learned alot about the health effects of fluoride in 50 years….adding it to drinking water defeats our purpose of public health.


Concerns about fluoride in Portland (OR) tap water are valid…

A public relations war is underway over the hearts and minds of people in Portland on fluoride. I have no vested interest in the outcome….an objective observer….and well aquainted with Democrat politics.

This article reviews arguments against adding fluoride.  click here  A dentist’s response is quoted:

“That is a line of  thinking that is out of line, in my view,” says Eli Schwarz, director of community dentistry at Oregon Health & Science University, “when  you say that the government actually wants to poison its own  population.”

As mentioned before on this blog, the dental community has been programmed to believe that fluoride is good, and any health concerns are airbrushed out of the picture.  Just because a dentist like Dr. Schwarz has good intentions, does not mean that he or government is informed, or should dictate it be added. In fact, dentists are trained to discount fluoride concerns outright without thinking about it…..such a prejudice is hard to overcome….




Oregon Surface Temperature, 1870-2011

Using the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) data here, the following plot was created. It represents regional climate change for the State of Oregon. The plot shows the mean monthly surface temperature, the mean daily maximum surface temperature, and the mean daily minimum surface temperture. Compare the plot below with that provided here based on the same underlying data.

More work is needed to examine the BEST data and algorithms, but this first cut suggests that the people sounding alarms over an impending climate catastrophe are in a world of their own. The historical record suggests a very broad yet defined band of highly variable temperatures. This might be more apparent if the actual data is plotted rather than mean values. We’ll work on presenting that in the future, as it will take some time to dig through the BEST data set. The data for the graph below (and the others I have posted) are the means calculated by BEST.