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Philadelphia (PA) water main break causes sinkhole, evacuations

Clean-up operations for a major water main break in Southwest Center City were disrupted the morning of July 24 when a gas line broke, apparently under the weight of collapsing asphalt. Evacuations followed…..click here for more….

Environmental activists criticize private water systems over fracking

Here is an odd article that highlights and criticizes water utility support for hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania…..Not all water systems are opposed to responsble oil and gas development…..and believe that water supply protection can also be achieved….click here for article….

Limerick nuclear plant (PA) tritium release presents no health concern

Several thousand gallons of water containing tritium was accidentally released at Exelon Nuclear’s Limerick Generating Station last month and then discharged into the Schuylkill River. It presented no immediate public health or safety risk….but was not reported to the public until 23 days after the incident….click here for news article….

West Manheim Township (PA) to discontinue fluoride addition

At a township meeting last week the supervisors voted 4-1 to ask York Water Co. to discontinue fluoridation of the township’s water…..click here for news report……

Press Spin: Western Pennsylvania home owners going for the deep pockets

The press is spinning a David (innocent homeowners) versus Goliath (big bad energy company) story in Western Pennsylvania…..while the state says there is no evidence to substantiate the homeowners’ claim…..even in the news article the homeowners confess they are looking for money from the deep pockets (click here)….Looks like the dollar signs in the homeowners’ eyes are obscuring their vision as to the cause of their water quality problems….

Did USEPA cherry-pick data in Dimock, Pennsylvania?

USEPA is now accused of using unrepresentative data and selective data of water well test results in Dimock, Pennsylvania.

Given how USEPA botched sampling in Pavillion, Wyoming, I wonder if the agency can get it right…..click here….

Penn State data flawed, drilling study under review

A laboratory error is now said to have caused state researchers to mistakenly connect shale gas drilling with raised levels of bromide in well water.  Where was the quality control on the data….if the researchers did not know enough to double check the lab data before making a claim, then what else did they miss?  Click here for news coverage…

Is this…..FractureGate 1.0?…..What’s next from Penn State?