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The Party of Big ‘Statist’ Government has Nothing to Offer but More of the Same

“Among those surveyed, even substantial percentages of those describing themselves as Democrats or liberals believe that the Democratic Party has gone too far in turning to government as the universal problem solver. Thirty-eight percent of self-identified “liberals” agreed with the statement that the Democratic Party “too often sees government as the only way to solve problems,” while 44 percent of Democrats subscribed to that view.”  click here

Mr. Barack Obama: Impossible to Rig America’s Elections

Days before Obama started claiming that Trump and Russia hacked the election, he said :

There is no serious person out there that would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections.”

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CNN the Fake News Network

“The network President Donald Trump has identified as a “very fake news” outlet is under fire from all sides as it was forced to retract a blatantly inaccurate hit piece on President Trump and his associates in the wake of a Breitbart News investigation this weekend.” click here

Paris Agreement “not a good deal”

“Political writer and columnist for The Daily Beast Matt Lewis schooled CNN’s “News Room” panel Wednesday regarding President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.” click here

Withdraw from the Paris Agreement, but not from Leadership to Address Changes in Climate

There seems to be a false choice being pushed in Washington and the media that to not participate in the Paris climate agreement is to avoid the issue of climate changes, denial as they say. This is certainly not the case. Loosely paraphrased, William F. Buckley used to say there are times when you have to run down the aisle yelling “don’t do this” even though everyone on the opposite side thinks you are crazy. To continue support for  the Paris agreement appears to be one of those times.

“Should Donald Trump hamstring the U.S. economy, rip off the consumer, despoil the landscape, give succour to America’s enemies and promote junk science – all in order to keep a “seat at the table” with people who despise him and think he’s an idiot?” click here

Just Say No to the Democrat/Deep State Insurgency

Disagree if you like. But the idea of impeachment is nutty, if not delusional. What exactly is happening here is not clear. But eventually the fog of politics will evaporate and it will become clear who or what is behind what looks to be an insurgency against the United States democracy.

“”Trump won the election fairly — there is not a shred of evidence to suggest otherwise — and yet his opponents have never accepted the result, nor ceased trying to frustrate his efforts to govern. If they succeed, American democracy will effectively be finished.”” click here


California Climate Protesters Resist Reality

These “resistance” protestors are simply resisting reality and common sense.

“Approximately 5,000 activists rallied in San Diego on Saturday as part of approximately 300 coordinated sister marches across the United States to call on the Trump administration to take action on climate change.” click here