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Carbon taxes are politically toxic

“Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo, who supports a carbon tax, was among defeated House Republicans who are part of a caucus set up to push global warming policies.” click here

“Republicans are the party of US citizens and their interests”

“In the latest CBS News/YouGov battleground tracker poll, Florida, Indiana, and Arizona likely voters expressed a general disdain for immigration from Central America. The three states are seeing hotly contested Senate races between Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Gov. Rick Scott (R), Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ), and Sen. Joe Donelly (D-IN) and Mike Braun (R).” click here

“…confront and reject extreme ideas from the left”

“As the Democrats drift further leftward into openly embracing socialism, House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) warns the political battle ahead of the midterm elections just two weeks from now is no longer a traditional partisan battle. Instead it is one where the country must confront and reject extreme ideas from the left.” click here

Mr. Paul Krugman over-reacts against President Trump, to say the least

I’m not sure exactly who Mr. Krugman is talking about (here) when he rages against climate denial since it is impossible to deny climate. Climate is a dynamic system. Yes it has changed, is changing, and will change.

It is simply one-sided politics to let Mr. Krugman voice his opinion without offering the opposite view to be published concurrently so readers can hear the other side of the story side by side and decide for themself which to believe.



“Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs.’

” “The choice could not be more clear: Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs,” Trump said during a campaign rally in Montana. “ click here

“Lets do it”

“Vice President Mike Pence decided to face his foes head on, refusing to exit the Capitol building through a side entrance as protesters swarmed the area following the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.” click here

Democrat smear of Brett Kavanaugh a disgrace

“President Donald Trump commented Wednesday that his supporters were furious about the way Democrats were trying to smear Brett Kavanaugh.” click here