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Delhi Jal Board awards Veolia Water a contract to supply drinking water to one million people in New Delhi (India)

“Veolia Water India, a Veolia Water subsidiary, has been awarded a contract by the Delhi Jal Board, the water and wastewater authority for the Indian capital, to manage drinking water production and distribution infrastructure, as well as the water department, for the Nangloi neighborhood in the west of New Delhi.”

For the 15-year duration of the contract, the volume of sales for the joint venture is expected to be in the vicinity of €282 million.

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Private vs Public Ownership of water utilities: Which is better?

For several decades there has been an ongoing battle between adovcates of water system privatization and those who advocate public ownership. This article (click here) presents two opposing views on this issue.

Delhi Jal Board (India) will not privatize…

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West Virginia American makes a move for Pratt water system?

Pratt (West Virginia) has high HAA levels…..will they turn their water system over to a private company? Stay tuned…..click here…..

Pflugerville, Texas goes after its private water system

The Pflugerville City Council wants its water system…..so what if it is owned by a private company. The city will move forward with plans to acquire the jurisdiction of water and wastewater provider Windermere Utility Co, which is owned by Southwest Water Company. If negotiations to purchase the water system fail, then the city will seize the water and wastewater utility by eminent domain…..so there!   Click here for news coverage….

Should Flint, Michigan sell its water and sewer systems?

All options for raising revenue are under consideration in Flint…..click here….

Investor-owned water companies have a cleaner record than public utilities

From the American Water Intelligence (AWI) report (click here):

“An AWI analysis of EPA data on serious violators of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act has shown that privately owned and operated water utilities – especially large investor-owned companies – have a much cleaner record than public utilities when it comes to SDWA violations and fines.”

“The analysis, which included data on water systems with serious violations and least 500 customers over the past three years, showed that only 13 percent of facilities with current, serious SDWA violations are run exclusively by private companies. Only one of the 1,369 serious violators in the list is a large, investor-owned water company.”


Figure source: American Water Intelligence