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Corporations make false and misleading claims about the effectiveness of their own actions to address global climate change

“The two pillars of the federal securities laws and regulations are the full disclosure and anti- fraud provisions. Registrants now routinely make false and/or misleading statements about their own actions with respect to global climate change. The Commission should issue guidance so that registrants stop making false and/or misleading climate-related statements and disclosures.” click here

Arbitrary data changes invalidates HCN daily temperature analysis

“Previously their tampering was limited to monthly temperature data. And the moment has arrived.  They have started adding TOBS (Time of Observation Bias) lines to the HCN daily temperature files.” click here

Urban surface temperature increases due to urban heat island effect

Journal Nature publishes tabloid science, nonscientific nonsense.

This paper (here) is so flawed it is not worth mentioning or reading except that it destroys climate science by turning it into tabloid science. Bifurcation of scientists into two “camps” (good guys, bad guys) does nothing to advance climate science. The article is political nonsense dressed up as science. The paper should be withdrawn unless Journal Nature intends to publish like a tabloid.

The US surface temperature record includes fabricated values inserted in place of”data” (actual measurements)

Germany record-setting high temperature measurement is biased too high

“During last week’s record-setting European heat wave, Germany’s previous record of 40.3C was impressively shattered by the measurement station located at the northwest city of Lingen, near the Dutch border, some 50 kilometers from where I live. The German DWD weather service and media loved it! Yet, controversy now swirls about the new record setting measurement since it has come to light that the measurement is fraught with some considerable siting issues.” click here

Changing data does not change climate history

“As of the mid-1970s, the “consensus” among climate scientists was the globe had warmed by +0.6°C from 1880 to 1940, and then cooled by -0.3°C (to -0.4°C) from 1940 to 1970.” click here