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Migrant caravan a serious threat to US security

“President Donald Trump highlighted Wednesday the violence in the migrant caravan traveling to the southern border of the United States.” click here and here.

Red Cross spreading nonsense about climate change conflicts

“According to the Red Cross climate change is exacerbating conflicts – a claim which has been soundly debunked by a detailed study into the correlation between drought and conflict.” click here

Kudos to Wells Fargo

“Bloomberg reports that the $40 million is on top of $431 million Wells Fargo has issued to gun manufacturers since the December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook attack. This means Wells Fargo is not only bucking the corporate gun control trend in 2018 but has also withstood the firearm divestiture campaign that launched following Sandy Hook.” click here

Kudos to the City of Huntington Beach, California

“The city of Huntington Beach, California, won the first victory Thursday against the State of California over a controversial new “sanctuary state” law, arguing successfully that the law infringed on its local government powers.” click here

“Confirm Brett Kavanaugh”

“After all the smoke had cleared Thursday, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board called for Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed.” click here

Google oversight and accountability “urgently needed”

“In his letter, Poulson described Google’s censored China search project as “unethical” and claimed “greater oversight and accountability” of the company was “urgently needed.” “ click here

Supreme Court nominee is qualified, competent and resilient….

“The Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a meeting on September 28, to vote on whether to recommend Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the full Senate for confirmation to the Supreme Court.” click here