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Too Much Water Damages Columbia, South Carolina Drinking Water Supply

Floodwaters are receding, but now drinking water is a major concern in Columbia. City council members say hundreds of thousands of people in the city are without clean water because the city’s water system has been destroyed. click here

Possible class action lawsuit against Pratt, South Carolina

“Lawyers for the Sutter Law Firm in Charleston sent Pratt officials letters last month informing them that they may be the target of a class-action lawsuit over the town’s drinking water. Lawyers asked for information about water quality violations and the results of water tests of the town water supply, and asked for information about Pratt’s insurance carrier.”

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Multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed against South Carolina water suppliers

Seven Anderson, South Carolina residents filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit alleging that contaminated water provided by the Anderson Joint Regional Water System and the Broadway water district  caused them to have infections, skin and intestinal problems, and led to the amputation of one man’s leg.

Interesting twist…….an Anderson City Council member, Tom Dunaway, an Attorney, represents the residents…….click here for news report…..