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How the US temperature record has been corrupted

Corruption of the US Temperature Record

“The US temperature record is very important, because it is the only large area on the planet with a high quality long term daily temperature record.” click here

The US southern border crisis is real

“One supporter explained how human smuggler “coyotes” preyed on illegals and migrants on the border sending them through brush country with a gallon of water toward cities too far away to survive.

“We have numerous people dying on these ranches, and people have been finding their bodies for a number of years,” he said.” click here

United States leads the world in reducing carbon dioxide emissions

“Additionally hidden from public view by climate alarmists supporters is the fact that not only are future U.S. energy use and emissions growth irrelevant to global growth that is driven by the world’s developing nations but that the U.S. is leading all nations in reducing CO2 emissions through its market driven energy policy that has been incredibly effective and successful unlike what has occurred with the failures of EU energy policy.” click here

North America has been cooling since 1998

Gan, Z., Guan, X., Kong, X., Guo, R., Huang, H., Huang, W., & Xu, Y. (2019). The key role of Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation in minimum temperature over North America during global warming slowdown. Earth and Space Science, 6. https://doi.org/10.1029/ 2018EA000443

Daily minimum temperature (Tmin) is an important variable in both global and regional climate changes, and its variability can greatly affect the ecological system. In the early 21st century, warming slowdown is seen over the North Hemisphere and North America is one of the major cooling centers. In this study, we found that Tmin experienced an obvious decline in North America during warming slowdown period. Such Tmin decline is closely related to the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO); the correlation between the decadal components of Tmin and AMO reached 0.71 during 1950–2014. According to composite analysis, the AMO on the positive (negative) phase takes two low‐pressure (high‐pressure) systems in the northeastern Pacific and the North Atlantic at night, accompanied by cyclonic (anticyclonic) circulations and warm (cold) advection in North America. Therefore, the analyses conclude that the Tmin decline during warming slowdown period is a result of the synchronous decrease of the AMO. The results emphasize the key role of AMO on the decadal variation of Tmin in North America.

Arbitrary adjustments of US temperature data unjustified

“NOAA massively tampers with US temperature data, to turn a century of cooling into warming.” click here

Violent tornados absent in 2018, United States

“As we can see from the graph, this is not a one off event last year. There has been a definite trend to declining numbers of violent tornadoes. It is also significant that we have now completed five years without an EF-5 tornado. The longest such spell on record was seven years, between 2000 and 2006, but on average there are 0.8 EF-5s a year.” click here