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Scientists questioning “global warming” dogma are on the increase, and for good reasons.

“At the hearing, I presented data from the United Nations contradicting the accepted wisdom that extreme weather is destroying the planet and is traceable directly to a man-made climate crisis. There are no such trends in rates of sea-level rise, hurricanes, floods, or droughts. One Democrat who stuck around to actually question me simply asserted that our coalition is funded by energy companies. I wish! Another wanted to know, “Do you believe in climate change or not?” When I asked him to define it, he cut me off with: “That answers it all…That gives us a hint where you’re coming from.”click here

Climate change hearing fails to consider community sustainability

Chairman Raúl Grijalva is only looking from the top down from a privileged position. It appears that this hearing and the discussion in general has not considered community sustainability from the bottom up. Science and common sense do not support the claims made here:

“Our communities are paying the price for years of inaction on this issue. The massive and unprecedented storms, heat waves, fires, and droughts we are experiencing are not normal. They are being made worse by climate change, and if we don’t take action now, we’re only at the beginning.” click here


The House of Representatives did the right thing on border security. Why not the Senate?

McCarthy said, “[T]he House did pass a bill that protects and secures the border. The Senate, it takes 60 votes. So, when it really comes to the question of shutting down, it comes to Schumer. Does Schumer make a decision to shut down or not?” click here

Border-wall funding essential for US security, approved under Presidents Bush and Obama

“Many House and Senate Democrats voted to fund the same bollard-style fencing constructed by Presidents Bush and Obama that they now oppose under President Trump.” click here

Congressional Hearing on Climate Science: Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method

US House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology

Climate Science: Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method; Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 2318 Rayburn House Office Building.

Written testimony can be found here.

CRS Report: US Fossil Fuel Resources


Budget Update: Supercommittee, Superfailure, as predicted

Even for the political novice, it is clear that the idea that a supercommittee was going to agree on $1.2 trillion deficit reduction over 10 years was pure fantasy. This was a process designed to fail, so that the incumbent can blame the opposition in hopes of bolstering reelection. (Click here for prior post.)

The so called deficit reduction was not a real deficite reduction at all….just a reduction in spending. In addition, debt this year alone is greater than this amount…..so even if the committee could agree it gets us nowhere…..

Why a republican lead House of Representatives  and the Senate minority leader would agree to this process at all is completely beyond rationality….It is easy to see why the President and Senate leader like what is going on……they got their federal debt increase, have just about spent all of it to make government bigger, and now can blame the republicans for the failure…..or can they?  Get those ballots ready…time to vote the spenders (democrat and republican) out….

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