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States owe $4 trillion in debt…

State Budget Solution’s study finds states going in to deeper debt. (Click here for the study.)

For a summary article by the Examiner click here.

Source: The Examiner.com

“The great achievements of civilization didn’t come from government bureaus”

Some California cities may cease to exist…..

Bankruptcy or just dissolve? That is the question some cities may face if they cannot pay their bills…..like San Bernadino….click here….

Dennis Prager: Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph

Dennis Prager makes a compelling case that humanity faces a choice…..between American values and its two opposite alternatives: Islamism and European-style democratic socialism.

Leftism has been and will always be a moral failure, despite its appeal to many people of goodwill. Fundamentalist Islam, despite a growing appeal, cannot make a good society. But Prager holds out hope for an open and tolerant Islam and explains why it will emerge from faithful American Muslims. Lastly, liberty, values rooted in the Creator, and the melting-pot ideal are the reasons for America’s greatness. Click here or image below:

(Description above summarized from amazon.com)

Gov. Brown has no clue what to do about state deficit?

Is this a surprise? The California budget deficit is now at $16Billion…..click here for more….

“Taxifornia” killing jobs, chasing jobs out of state….and raising taxes?

The California Governor’s answer to a failing State economy and decreasing tax revenue is to….guess what?……have a $6 billion tax increase……this initiative is on the ballot to support K-12 public schools. Of course, the Democrats always threaten the schools with more funding cuts, rather than pursuing a responsible state budget. Personal income tax rates will only increase by 25% on any rich person who has not already left the State (and more will leave).

Over spending is the problem……spending cuts are the solution……it is very unfortunate that many innocent workers will be affected by more cuts, but the Democrat government bubble is about to pop…….We must live in reality…..not in Governor Brown’s fantasy land….click here for another view….

Goodland (Indiana) water tower collapses

The town’s 50-year-old water tower collapsed Nov. 8, 2011. Of course, the typical response is to go to government for help. But this simply reinforces the fact that a healthy, robust economy is a pre-requisite to a sustainable water system…..not government handouts….click here for news article.