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House Climate Crisis Committee is out of touch with climate reality

“The House Climate Crisis Committee held their first public meeting here in Boulder today.  Temperature is 80 degrees, and Boulder is the greenest anyone has ever seen it this time of year. The Governor declared a “climate crisis” today – after the best ski season and the coolest, greenest summer on record. He wants the state to go 100% renewable energy, which would make it impossible for anyone to get to the ski areas.” click here

The House of Representatives did the right thing on border security. Why not the Senate?

McCarthy said, “[T]he House did pass a bill that protects and secures the border. The Senate, it takes 60 votes. So, when it really comes to the question of shutting down, it comes to Schumer. Does Schumer make a decision to shut down or not?” click here

Congressional Hearing on Climate Science: Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method

US House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology

Climate Science: Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method; Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 2318 Rayburn House Office Building.

Written testimony can be found here.

US House of Representatives defeats [phoney] Balanced Budget Amendment

In any given year, the United States Congress and the Administration (regardless of party) could enact a balanced budget and stick to it…..but do they?……No.

If they can’t do it out of a sense of responsibility to the citizens who elected them, then would a balanced budget amendment with out a spending cap make them do it? ……No.

Always remember: “There are no rules in congress, congress makes the rules.”

HJ Res. 2 (click here for text) was voted on and defeated yesterday by the House of Representatives (click here for vote record).

It would have amended the US Constitution to require a balanced budget be proposed each year. So far, so good.

It would have required a 3/5 approval vote of each chamber to increase the debt limit. But it would have only required a simple majority of each chamber to raise revenues (which means increasing taxes).

However, the resolution as well as the others has a fatal flaw. It did not address spending, and says nothing regarding any spending cap, or any taxation limits. In effect, it is a recipe for never ending tax increases…never ending spending. Without any limits or checks on spending….congress will follow its own rules to go right ahead and increase spending and taxes without measure……

HJ Res 1 is similar, but required a 3/5 vote to increase revenues. This was changed later to get votes….but it weakened the resolution to in effect make it meaningless and resulted in lost votes….

Why HJ Res 2 was brought to a vote is unclear? Have some republican leaders been in congress so long it has impaired their judgement? I think so…..2012 is time for a change.

Press Spin: House Committee briefing on global warming – Nov 14

A Democrat briefing by the House Committee on Natural Resources on global warming was just a show…..no alternative points of view allowed…..no hard questions asked of those presenting their claims.  Click here to view the briefing.

Of course, the press picked it up and reported it as the only acceptable point of new……this type of partisan pandering is very much part of the problem with the entire climate discussion…..  

Click here for news report….

This news article is a joke. The problems with the work of these researchers has been well covered by others……