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Is Pope Francis being mislead by climate advisors?

Even as sincere and concerned as he is about the planet’s future, it looks as if the Pope is simply misinformed. Given such a political statement on climate change, with such a lack of scientific insight, we must wonder just who has been advising Pope Francis? To make progress globally discussions on climate changes and their real impact must return to seeking the best available science.

“Pope Francis urged governments on Friday to make good on their commitments to curb global warming, warning that climate change, continued unsustainable development and rampant consumption threatens to turn the Earth into a vast pile of “rubble, deserts and refuse.” ” click here

Pope Francis is Simply Confused about “Climate Change”

Having succumbed to the Urban blunder, Pope Francis (here) is simply confused. Climates have changed, are changing, and will change. But there is little if any evidence (e.g. here) of any long-term shift in the global climate system to something other than what it really is, a dynamic ever-changing complex system. The best available science (e.g. here) simply does not support or justify the drastic measures advocated against carbon dioxide and carbon itself. Global attention needs to be redirected to the real problems of climate changes especially as it relates to energy poverty and the plight of the poor.

Pope Francis Continues the Urban Blunder on Climate, Global Warming

I’ve addressed this previously in 2015 (here). The Pope is continuing (here) in the tradition of Pope Urban, to push the politically expedient position to squash other views by preaching climate change and global warming rather than adopting a science-based position that encourages inquiry and exchange of views. The Pope is repeating the Urban Blunder.

Vatican Cardinal Criticizes Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical

The Pope’s encyclical is clearly an advocacy statement on “climate change” given the sordid history behind its development (look here, here  here and here .

“The Vatican’s financial chief, Cardinal George Pell, has taken the unusual step of criticizing Pope Francis’ groundbreaking environmental encyclical, arguing the Catholic Church has “no particular expertise in science.” “

“… the church has got no mandate from the Lord to pronounce on scientific matters. We believe in the autonomy of science,” Pell told the Financial Times on Thursday (July 16).”

Click here for full article.

Mr. Jerry Brown is many things, but a “climate expert” he is not

I mean no ill-will towards Mr. Brown in saying this. But advocacy by the Vatican to invite Mr. Brown as a “climate expert” is counter-productive. Continuing down this path, the Vatican is heading everyone in the wrong direction.

Pope Francis continues to walk in the footsteps of the Pope Urban blunder, perhaps without even realizing it (click here).

“Pope Francis invited California Governor Jerry Brown to lend his expertise on global warming and climate change to a summit at the Vatican later in the month.” click here