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“No power, no phone service, no water.”

“Clinics in the sweltering western state of Zulia scaled back operations after nearly 72 hours without power.” click here

Sacrificing drinking water to pay bond holders?

Such choices will be faced by others in the near future. Financially unsustainable economies will not be able to pay their debts and therefore something will be cut.

“At a time when Venezuela’s record $25 billion in arrears to importers has its citizens waiting hours in line to buy drinking water and crossing borders in search of medicine, President Nicolas Maduro is using the nation’s dwindling supply of dollars to enrich bondholders.” click here

Should the press be required to report truth?

An interesting twist in Venezuela……Last week the press reported on possible drinking water pollution.

At the request of President Chavez, the court has now ruled that press reports must contain “truthful technical support backed by a competent institution.” Click here….

Hey, what a concept! Requiring press reports to contain truthful technical support…..