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Mr. Mitch McConnell Seeking to Disrupt US Government Through In-Action

“More than 100 national leaders urged Senate Republican leaders on Tuesday to use every means at their disposal to confirm more than 200 presidential nominations currently pending in the U.S. Senate, both for the executive branch and for the federal courts.” click here

Washington, DC faces sea level (Potomac River) rise of ~1 ft / 100 years

The mean sea level trend is 3.16 millimeters/year with a 95% confidence
interval of +/- 0.35 mm/yr based on monthly mean sea level data from
1924 to 2006 which is equivalent to a change of 1.04 feet in 100 years.

Press Spin: Washington, DC Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) misled customers on lead?

Drinking water lead is again in the news in Washington, DC, the Examiner (click here) has reported that WASA misled customers and covered up lead test results. This based on a report of the District of Columbia inspector general (click here for another article).

Previously, the CDC was accused of using flawed data. Click here….

UPDATE: See comments for a message from DC Water (click here).


Washington, DC Water and Sewer Authority on Lead

In 2010, Washington, DC Water and Sewer Authority undertook a rebranding campaign and is now known as “DC Water.”