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Questions raised about Washington State use of public funds for climate advocacy further justification for Presidential Climate Commission

“Public records also show that your Office is transferring hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in taxpayer money, including apparently a quarter of a million Washington State taxpayer dollars, to pay consultants also to promote your climate advocacy and platform (Contract Number K2191).” click here

Carbon tax rejected in Washington State

“The measure, called Initiative 1631 is the third attempt to impose a carbon tax in Washington state. Voters rejected a similar ballot measure in 2016, and carbon tax legislation failed earlier in 2018.” click here

Young climate activists lawsuit dismissed in Washington State

“King County Superior Court Judge Michael Scott ruled in favor of the State of Washington’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, Aji P. v. State of Washington. The 13 young activists in the suit argue that the state is violating their constitutional rights through actions that cause climate change.” click here

Washington State abuses public-private partnerships for climate activism.

“If this is common practice, Washingtonians deserve more details about which outside groups fund Mr. Inslee’s policy team. Substitute the Koch brothers for the World Resources Institute, and the outrage would be predictable. This setup creates real concerns about accountability and interest-peddling. Mr. Schuler knows who pays him, and it’s not Washington taxpayers.” click here

Seattle, Washington soon to be covered with seawater….

The mean sea level trend is 2.06 millimeters/year with a 95% confidence interval of +/- 0.17 mm/yr based on monthly mean sea level data from 1898 to 2006 which is equivalent to a change of 0.68 feet in 100 years.

Seattle Public Utilities delivers rusty water…temporarily

“A discoloration of the water in the area was caused by crews doing some maintenance work on a major pipeline that supplies drinking water.”

“”The color is from the rust inside the pipe,” says Elaine Yeung with Seattle Public Utilities.”

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Vancouver (WA) groundwater system avoids open reservoir contamination

“Vancouver’s water supply isn’t likely to see the same type of contamination that affected an estimated 105,000 Portland customers on Saturday and Sunday. The difference: Vancouver draws its drinking water entirely from underground aquifers. Portland uses above-ground sources, sent through a system that includes five uncovered reservoirs in the city. That leaves its water supply more susceptible to outside contaminants — in the most recent case, likely animal or human waste, according to the Portland Water Bureau.”

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