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Eastern Municipal Water District (CA) seeks agreement with Hemet to demonstrate reuse

Eastern Municipal Water District is proposing to lease a piece of land just east of Diamond Valley Lake from Metropolitian Water District. Eastern would use the pond as a “demonstration site” to test how reclaimed water used for irrigation impacted ground water. Click here for Press-Enterprise article….

Water squatter = person using reclaimed irrigation water for drinking

Cape Coral, Florida officials are investigating ways to find people who are cheating the system…..including connecting to the irrigation system to obtain reclaimed water for drinking…..click here for news article….

Western Municipal Water District (WMWD) completes $50 million expansion

WMWD in Riverside, California triples the capacity of its Western Water Recycling Facility to 3 million gallons of wastewater treated per day, up from 1 million, using tertiary treatment.  Click here for news article….

Oceanside (CA) considers using reclaimed water from Camp Pendleton

Recycled water from the Marine base may replace potable water  that is now used for irrigation in nearby golf courses and neighborhoods. Click here for news report….

New Delhi (India) to reuse wastewater as drinking water source

Times of India report that the Delhi Jal Board and the government of Singapore will sign a memorandum of understanding. Singapore will fund the entire consultancy for Delhi, including preparation of a detailed project report and tendering of the project.

40 MGD of treated effluent at the Coronation Pillar sewage treatment plant will be treated to a tertiary level and released into the Yamuna river to return to Delhi as its raw water source.

Click here for news report….


Rio Rancho, NM to spend $9 million on wastewater reuse

Rio Rancho drilled a 2,000 foot well into their aquifer water source.  Wastewater will be cleaned to drinking water standards then re-injected back  into the aquifer. For only $9 million. Residents are on board with water conservation, but will reuse of toilet water pass the customer smell test? ….click here for more…



NAS Report: Reuse of Municipal Wastewater

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is a political advocacy organization….in this case it’s advocating wastewater reuse as a municipal water source. These reports are typically funded by a government agency, usually USEPA, and so generally reflect the agenda of the funding agency. No new science here….just opinions of a certain group of experts in the field, who are usually picked for their support of the funding agency….click here for the press release.  Click here or image below for the full report.