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Pacific Legal Foundation Prevails at the Supreme Court

“Simply put, it re-affirms that property owners across the country can hold overzealous federal bureaucrats immediately accountable in court for erroneous assertions of control over wetlands. This levels the playing field for landowners who have been at the mercy of an overreaching federal government for far too long.” click here

California Water Commission draft report: Benefits of Water Storage Projects

The draft report “Description and Screening of Potential Tools and Methods to Quantify Public Benefits of Water Storage Projects” examines five benefit areas: ecosystem improvement, water quality, flood control, emergency response and recreation.

California Water Commission will discuss the report at its meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 18, in Sacramento. Public comments are being accepted.

Click here or the image below for the report….


Press Spin: Waters of the US definition clarity will destroy Clean Water Act?

Here’s an alarmist article using the drinking water hammer to argue against resolution of the definition of the Clean Water Act jurisdictional problem….the current approach by USEPA is such an overreach, congress must address the issue in some way to bring clarity to an otherwise out of control situation….Of course, this article only tells one side of the story…..click here.